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reductions and Thinning

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a technique used to remove a portion of a tree, without affecting its size or shape. Usually this is done to keep the aesthetic look of the tree, but reduce its sail effect and allow more light to pass through it.

As one of the more difficult pruning techniques, crown thinning can be hard to get right. More subtle than a crown reduction, crown thinning includes removing dilapidated, crossing or weak branches. Often, our clients will have around a 20% crown thin in larger trees, with up to 30% with fruit trees. However, this is situation dependent and a recommendation will be made during our initial consultation.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is when the lower branches of a tree are removed in order to heighten the crown of the tree.

This technique is commonly used in situations such as:

  • When you need to allow more light into a garden or window of your home or keep branches away from your building
  • Keep branches away from roads
  • Open up a desirable view


It is important to remember that one should remove the smaller branches as it speeds up the recovery time and reduces the stress induced by the procedure.

The British Standard for tree works BS3998:2010 advises a crown lift should not exceed 15% of the live crown height, leaving at least two-thirds of the total tree height.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the height and or spread of a tree by selectively cutting back to smaller branches and in fruit trees for increasing of light interception and enhancing fruit quality.

Tree surgeon, felling tree

Felling & Removal

Sectional felling is when a tree is felled in sections. These are usually rigged down to prevent any damage to your property. If the tree has become unsafe to climb, a work platform (cherry picker) or crane may be required to ensure operation is completed safely.

Sometimes complete tree removal is necessary (and hopefully it can be replanted with a new one!). Our team is highly skilled in the safe removal of trees, no matter what the size and location.

stump grinding machine

Stump Removal

At Gimbles Tree Works we have access to many different sized grinders depending on the requirements. Small pedestrian grinders are used to manoeuvre through houses or tight gateways to get at awkward stumps. 

Larger, self-propelled grinders are used for bigger jobs where a greater number of stumps need grinding out. 

As an alternative to stump removal, Ecoplugs are an environmentally friendly and reliable method of preventing tree roots from re-sprouting.  

We always have the right solution for the job.

Emergency Work

Emergency Work

Trees often fall without any warning. This can be due to storms and high winds, as a result of neglect, or simply as an act of nature. Fallen trees can block roads and train lines, damage buildings and vehicles and above all else interfere with our daily lives. Our team of expert tree surgeons are here to respond to these emergencies.

Our team will deal with the fallen tree quickly and efficiently, cutting the tree into more manageable sections and removing them for disposal. We endeavour to respond to any emergency tree situation as soon as we can, no matter what time of the day or night.

Gimbles Tree Works vans and equipment on a commercial job at Tunbridge Wells Common

Commercial Services

All of our arborists at Gimbles Tree Works have significant experience in commercial environments and public spaces.

We have the training and expertise to carry out all aspects of commercial tree surgery in a safe, professional manner. 

All work is undertaken following a rigorous risk assessment, and where appropriate, a site-specific method statement. 

We have full public liability insurance and all work conforms to BS 3998 (British Standard 3992: Recommendations for Tree Work).

Recent commercial work has included:

  • Commercial insurance e.g. removals due to subsidence (Allianz, Lloyds of London)
  • Remedial works for new housing developments prior to residents moving in, including: reductions, dead wood removal, habitat creation
  • Consultancy

Commercial INSURANCE Clients include:

Other services

Our other services include:

  • Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)s
  • Felling licenses
  • Diseased Tree Consultancy
  • Planning and development, including root protection zones (BS 5837)
  • Commercial Insurance work, e.g. removals due to subsidence
  • Habitat Creation
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSI)

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