Gimbles Tree Works can offer you an extensive range of tree services

We take great pride in our excellent standards of customer services that is why we have built up a brilliant reputation throughout our years in the industry. Our team of arboricultural experts are highly skilled and well trained so you can expect nothing less than a second to none service. We can offer a vast range of tree services sure to meet all of your needs.

Crown thinning

tree_thinningIncrease light and reduce wind resistance by selective removal of branches throughout the canopy of the tree. This is a common practice which improves the tree’s strength against adverse weather conditions as the wind
can pass through the tree resulting in less “load” being placed on the tree.

Crown lifting

crown liftingCrown lifting involves the removal of the lower branches to a given height. The height is achieved by the removal of whole branches or removing the parts of branches which extend below the desired height. The branches are normally not lifted to more than one third of the tree’s total height.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the height and or spread of a tree by selectively cutting back to smaller branches and in fruit trees for increasing of light interception and enhancing fruit quality.


Crown Cleaning/deadwooding

Branches die off for a number of reasons ranging from light deficiency, pests and disease damage to root damage. A dead branch will at some point decay back to the parent stem causing abscission and fall off. This is normally a slow process but can be shortened by high winds and extremities of temperature. Therefore the main reason deadwooding is carried out is safety. Also removal of rubbing branches is carried out.