At Gimbles Tree Works we have access to many different sized grinders to take on different sized jobs. We use small pedestrian grinders to maneuver through houses or tight gateways to get at awkward stumps. We also use large self-propelled grinders to take on large jobs where there are many stumps that need grinding out. We always have the right solution and machine for the job.

Eco Plugging

The stump grinding process is an environmentally friendly method of removing tree stumps. We use machinery with tungsten-carbide teeth to grind the stump into woodchips and mulch, this is product is when used to back-fill the hole.

In addition to stump removal, we also now offer the Ecoplug, an environmentally friendly and reliable method of preventing tree roots from re-sprouting. It is inserted into a freshly felled tree or a tree stump to halt regrowth

When you cut down trees in your garden, new sprouts will inevitably appear almost immediately Ecoplugs are an efficient and cost-effective tree stump killer which prevents broad leaf trees from re-sprouting after they have been cut.

By simply inserting Ecoplugs into freshly felled stumps, the entire root system will be killed and regrowth eliminated. The active ingredient, Glyphosate, has been in use for over thirty years and is proven to be a safe pesticide that will not harm people, animals or the environment. We have found that Ecoplugs are more reliable and environmentally friendly than using tree stump killer chemicals.

Ecoplugs can be used all year around and will eliminate: alder, elm, aspen, birch, beech, lime, maple, poplar, ash, cherry, oak and other broad leafed and coniferous trees.

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